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Denné Reed is a paleoanthropologist and Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin who studies the influences of ecology and environment on human adaptation, and behavior. He has conducted paleontological and archaeological field research in East Africa, southern Africa, and Morocco including 12 years of paleoanthropological research in Ethiopia focusing on early human origins. As the director of the Paleo Core project, Dr. Reed is working to integrate paleoanthropological data in order to address broad-scale questions about human evolution and environmental change, and to make the archaeological and fossil records more accessible to researchers, students and the public.

I teach courses on introductory biological anthropology, religion and science, early human evolution and paleoecology, applied data analysis, GIS and remote sensing. I have research projects in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and Morocco. Learn more about active research here.

The University of Texas at Austin has an excellent graduate degree program in Biological Anthropology. If you are a student considering graduate studies at UT Austin be sure to check out the departmental web page. Also feel free to send an email with questions or interests.

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Publications [31]

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The background to this page is a photograph of an ancient tablet written in Ge'ez, an extinct semitic language of Ethiopia.